Dr. Lisa Caparelli-Ruff

Regional Superintendent

Work Permits


Work Permits

Minor Work Permits

Illinois State Law Work Permit Requirements

Minor’s Work Permits will not be issued unless ALL required documents are submitted (no exceptions).

Age 15 and under:

1. Intent to employ letter
A letter from the prospective employer on letterhead stationery, including phone # and physical address. Must be signed with an actual signature by the employer or agent stating the type of work and work schedule of potential minor.
2. Proof of Age (Original)
An original birth certificate issued by the city, county, state, or hospital is preferred. If the original birth certificate is not available, we will accept one of the following: Baptismal certificate, passport. insurance policy or notice of birth registration.
3. Original Social Security Card 
4. State ID or Valid Drivers License of parent/guardian 
5. Parental Approval 
A signed written statement from the parent or guardian approving the child's employment.
6. Medical Statement (Note from Physician)
A signed physician's statement on the physician's or health institution's letterhead or stamp indicating based on an examination performed within one year of the date or work permit application, the child is physically fit to be employed in all legal occupations. Electronic Signature notation acceptable. 
Certificate Of Physical Fitness | Illinois Department of Labor
7. Principal’s Statement (Waived during summer months when school is not in session)
A signed principal's statement on school letterhead or attached form stamped or sealed, verifying the school-age child is active and in good standing academically at school when school is in session. 
Principal's Statement To Issuing Officer | Illinois Department of Labor 
8. Proof of a Coogan or UTMA account (Blocked Trust Account)
Applies to minors applying for a performing, acting, or modeling work permit.
Waived for background work.
Examples of financial institutions to offer these accounts:
o    Actors Federal Credit Union 
o    First Entertainment Credit Union
o    SAG/AFTRA Federal Credit Union
o    Wells Fargo
o    Chase Bank
o    US Bank

Children under 14 may only work for the following:

  1. Umpire or referee at sporting events.
  2. Performing in theatrical, motion picture, or broadcast production. (Proof of a Coogan or UTMA account (Blocked Trust Account)

Illinois Child Labor Law Compliance Website

To request a Work Permit, please contact:

Yola Bzdyk

For additional questions, please call (815) 462-5400

The required documents may be submitted through email at ybzdyk@willroe.org OR in person at the
Downtown Joliet Regional Office of Education.

There is a five-business day processing period.